Picking the Colors

Picking a color for the walls of your home can be a big decision, because you may not be able to change it for a long time. If you are planning to paint your home, then our experts can make sure that the job is done to perfection. Whether it is the interiors or the exteriors, we have effectively completed a number of painting jobs. Our team consists of creative specialists who can also help you pick the colors or match them to your existing furniture. Keeping longevity and aesthetics in mind, we will suggest colors that match your vision and the vibe of your place.


Once we have successfully cleaned the walls and all preparation work is complete, the painting begins. We have a team of experienced painters who have worked with different types of paints and colors. They know exactly how to complete a job with perfection and make sure that the painting work is durable. All home owners who chose us for their services reported satisfaction in our work. We indulge in accuracy and cleanliness, making sure that every nook and corner of your home looks beautiful once our painting work is over. You deserve a beautifully painted house, and we make sure that you have to settle for nothing less than the best.

Prepping Up

Painting is an incomplete job without good preparation work. Relentless cleaning and preparation makes sure that the new coat of paint on your walls stay long enough. Peeling layers of previous paint can do a lot of harm to your fresh coat of color if it is not removed properly. Therefore, we take the time to remove previous layers, patch any damages/cracks and make sure that the walls are dry and free of mold and mildew before the new coat of paint is applied. Proper cleaning makes sure that the paint work lasts longer and looks better.


Painting a house is a tedious task. It requires a lot of patience and thorough cleaning – not just before but even after the work is completed. When our work is complete, we will make sure that we clean up all work areas. This means you can step into a house with beautifully painted walls, without having to worry about cleaning it up. All our painters know the importance of leaving the premises in the best condition at all times.

Step 1: First On-Site Consultation

Your personal design manager Jarn Elias will visit you to discuss your painting goals and objectives. He will ask a series of questions to understand your home painting goals.

Step 2: Concept Designs & Renovation Solution

Jarn Elias will prepare a renovation solution tailored personally to your renovation goals and will include everything you discussed on the first visit. This renovation solution will include all labour and materials and be clearly defined in a logical step by step process.

Step 3: Renovation Package Contract Signed

A draft renovations solution will be emailed to you for your reviewing to ensure everything has been covered and allowed for. Once you’re happy with the renovation solution, a second on-site visit will be organised where Jarn Elias will present this solution to you to make you feel 100% comfortable with what is included and excluded. There will be no obligation to sign any contracts, Jarn Elias will leave you with your renovation solution to review and envision until you’re ready to make a final decision.

Step 4: Enjoy your freshly painted home

Come home to the bathroom you deserve. No headaches, no unanswered phone calls, no disappointments, no stress. Just another successful custom renovation by Sydney Renovations Hire managed by your personal project manager Jarn Elias.

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