Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Sydney

It is always more feasible and less disruptive to you and your family if both the kitchen and bathroom renovations are completed concurrently. The reason to do both the kitchen and bathroom renovation is because we would be making same amount of noises, vibrations, disturbance, mobilising and demobilising, cleaning, arranging deliveries all withing the same period. We always encourage clients to take advantage of the benefits of renovating both thier kitchen and bathroom concurrently. Feel free to request a solution from the Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Sydney team!

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Consultation

We begin our in-home consultation with understanding the current size and shape of your kitchen and bathroom. Our experts carefully check the dimensions and the working space available so that the designs that we offer will meet your kitchen storage requirements and bathroom requirements. Storage is a major issue in most Sydney kitchens and thus our kitchen experts explore the most suitable options to maximize your kitchen and bathroom storage needs. We aim to identify the existing areas of concern and tailor a custom designed kitchen and bathroom to meet your needs. Request a solution from the kitchen and bathroom Sydney team today!

The Renovation

Bring a fresh new sense of design to your kitchen and bathroom by renovating them together. Everything from the cabinets, drawers, doors and tiles can be changed to breathe new life into your dated kitchen and bathroom. Our design team will help you select from the latest designs for kitchens so that you can enjoy a functional kitchen and bathroom with no compromises on the aesthetics. This will include picking the right materials to ensure that we achieve the look for your kitchen and bathroom that you have always dreamed of. Keeping every detail in mind, our renovation experts complete their work with precision and accuracy. Request a solution from the kitchen and bathroom Sydney team today!

Custom Designs and Matchless Expertise

We strongly believe in understanding our clients’ vision and what they would like to achieve before making any recommendations. While modern designs are usually opted by most of our clients, we also have expertise in Rustic, Scandinavian, Beach, Modern, Industrial, Traditional and many more.  While conceptualizing the design, our experts keep space and comfort in mind. This helps our clients get a kitchen that provides adequate working space along with suitable storage space. By striking the right balance and improving the functionality of kitchens and bathrooms, we have been able to meet the expectations of all our clients. Request a solution from the kitchen and bathroom Sydney team today!


Our service provides you with a sparkling new kitchen and bathroom while bringing a bright smile to your face. We will provide you with all the warranties associated with any of the products purchased during the renovation. With a complete new look, your kitchen and bathroom will be ready for use. Step into a kitchen and bathroom that prioritizes comfort, functionality & smart storage. You deserve a kitchen and bathroom that makes living a delightful experience. Feel free to give our Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations Sydney team a call!

Step 1: First On-Site Consultation

Your personal project design manager Jarn Elias will visit you to discuss your kitchen renovation goals and objectives. He will ask a series of questions to understand your vision and theme.

Step 2: Concept Designs & Renovation Solution

Jarn Elias will prepare a renovation solution tailored personally to your renovation goals and will include everything you discussed on the first visit. This renovation solution will include all labour and materials and be clearly defined in a logical step by step process. As Jarn Elias is an expert in his field, all contingencies will be included and you can have peace of mind that your renovation will stay under budget!

Step 3: Renovation Package Contract Signed

After your approval, a second on-site visit will be organised with Jarn Elias, who will present this solution to you to ensure you have a solid understanding of the entire project process, what is included, excluded, and the desired outcome. Only then will you sign the contract, and the works will commence to create your new kitchen.

Step 4: Come home to a beautiful kitchen and bathroom

Come home to the kitchen and bathroom you deserve. No headaches, no unanswered phone calls, no disappointments, no stress. Just another successful custom kitchen and bathroom renovation by Sydney Renovation Hire, managed by your personal project manager Jarn Elias.

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