Apartment Renovations Sydney

Renovating an Apartment in Sydney

Apartment Renovations are somewhat slightly more challenging than free standing homes. They come with their own obstacles that a skilled project manager must overcome. This involves understanding all facets of community/strata requirements, environmental compliance, safety laws, quality and logistics of the project. Sydney Renovations have created systems that allow all aspects of the project to planned and thereby providing a successful apartment renovation project. 

Apartment Renovations Sydney

The team at Sydney Renovations Hire specialise in Apartment Renovations. Unit renovations aren’t as simple as free standing homes due to some logistical constraints, strata requirements and parking issues. Sydney Renovations have devised a checklist that allows all risks to be identified and dealt with in the planning phase thereby reducing any delays.  Our experienced professionals will coordinate your apartment renovation work efficiently and therefore delivering another successful project by Sydney Renovations Hire.

Strata Approvals

Have you been delaying your apartment renovation because of the strata related headaches? We have overcome this hurdle for you. Apartment Renovations Sydney provides a soft copy PDF of your apartment renovation solution. This document includes details of our company licenses, public liability insurances, warranties and scope our works. As we have worked with many strata companies, this document has evolved into a masterpiece that any strata company can pick up and approve without any worries.


How is all the apartment renovation spoil going to end up in the bins? Where are all the delivery trucks for all the tiles, kitchen cabinets, stone benchtops going to park? Who will hold the lift door while loading the materials? What times are best to use the lifts? Where do the contractors park when they are all working together on a busy day? How does one protect the lift? What are the lift internal dimensions? Is traffic control needed for deliveries? The above are only some questions that we have to answer and systemize before starting any unit renovation.


Prior to handing over your apartment renovation our technicians will clean the unit. We will wipe down and clean inside your new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wipe down the stone benchtops and bathroom vanities, give all the new mirrors a Windex wipe and vacuum and mop all floors. All your large furniture that was packed away, will be unpacked and placed in their original locations ensuring that your apartment is looking better than ever.

Step 1: First On-Site Consultation

Your personal project design manager Jarn Elias will visit you to discuss your apartment renovation goals and needs. He will ask a series of questions to understand your vision and theme.

Step 2: Designs and Solution

A draft renovations solution will be emailed to you for review to ensure everything has been covered and allowed for. There will be no obligation to sign any contracts, Jarn Elias will leave you with your renovation solution, to review and envision. When you are ready and have come to a decision, you can contact Jarn to discuss your decision or any other questions you may have.

Step 3: Renovation Package Accepted

After your approval, a second on-site visit will be organised with Jarn Elias, who will present this solution to you to ensure you have a solid understanding of the entire project process, what is included and excluded and the desired outcome. Firm dates are confirmed on contracts and ready works commencement.

Step 4: Completion

No headaches, no unanswered phone calls, no disappointments, no stress. Just another successful custom apartment renovation by Sydney Renovations Hire managed by your personal project manager Jarn Elias.

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